This blog is intended to keep friends and family abreast of my family’s travels during 2012. I have decided to take a year out of work to travel mostly by bicycle with my daughter Poppy and my wife Gill. Our intention is to get out of suburban life for a while and experience some different cultures and to enjoy the satisfaction of pedalling slowly through more rural areas of the world. Our rough itinerary is as follows:

  • A 3 month period in southern Chile and Argentina
  • A 6 month period in Europe:- progressing initially north through Portugal, Spain and France; a period in England catching up with friends and family; then on to Scotland and across to Norway and Scandinavia; and finally heading south through Europe again as the Autumn sets in. We are scheduled to fly out of Italy in October.
  • 3 weeks in Japan
  • 3 weeks in Vietnam
  • And whatever time we have left in New Zealand

Apart from key major flights our plans are deliberately loose and we do not intend to keep to a detailed schedule of events and places. As a result, this blog will keep you abreast of our whereabouts and we intend to publish regular short items (hopefully of interest) and photos. It all starts on 10th January when we set out from Brisbane and fly to Santiago, Chile.

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