Posted by: paulgilders | December 16, 2012

Danseys Pass

We were now on our way back north towards Christchurch. We had one final big pass to complete – Danseys Pass. It would be a two day ride over the pass – the first day going up the valley as far as possible to make the second, harder day less severe.

We had a luxury lunch at the Naseby Royal Hotel to stock up on calories.

The initial section of the road up the valley was reasonably steady.

We reached the last point of civilisation mid-afternoon – the Danseys Pass Coach Inn. With the campsite only 2km up the road, I enjoyed some sparkling refreshment.

We stayed overnight at the Department of Conservation camp. Only basic facilities, but free and with a nice running stream to bath in. The following morning, we set out early to start the main ascent.


We had expected to do a lot of pushing, but we managed to ride all the way up the main ascent.

This is the top of the main pass.

The descent down the northern side was much steeper – we definitely rode the best way, but the road was a bit scary in places.



We descended for about 30 minutes and reached a small settlement, by the river. We thought incorrectly that our work for the day was done. Around the corner was another steeper ascent over a second saddle. We were forced to push the bikes.

The rest of the day was flat riding. Unfortunately, we had eaten all our food and the café at Duntroon was closed on weekdays. As a result, we tucked into our emergency supplies (mostly chocolate as it turned out) and the rode a further 20km to the next town. Here is our camp at Kurow.


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