Posted by: paulgilders | November 28, 2012

Last of Europe and Hong Kong

After our stay in Tuscany, we headed north towards our exit airport of Zurich. On the way, we stopped briefly in Pisa to check on the leaning tower.

On our way through the Appennines we encountered some cold nights and snowfall.

A brief roadside stop saw the girls exchange snowballs – I think Poppy won…

After making up, the girls then both made snowcreatures…


After a couple of days making our way north by van and train, we eventually reached Zurich. Here we spent another three days preparing for departure – boxing up bikes and generally trying not to spend much money (impossible in Switzerland).

Our exit from Switzerland was complicated by the fact that we had overstayed our time in core European countries. If we had stayed in the UK for 2 more days, we would not have had a problem, but we had returned within a 180 day period and therefore during our time in Switzerland and Italy we had unknowingly amassed 30 days of overstay. We were hearded like criminals into the immigration area before our flights, where they totted up a hefty fine. Fortunately, Gill asked if having British citizenship made a difference (we were travelling on Australian passports), and found that, yes, that would nullify any wrongdoing. We were given 2 weeks to provide copies of our expired British passports (thankyou Heather and Mike for digging them up).

After all that panic, the flight to Hong Kong was a breeze. We left our bikes in storage for 2 days at Hong Kong airport and took a taxi to our apartment on the beach on Lantau island. We were finally back to wearing shorts and T-shirts after the chilly European autumn.

We visited the Big Buddha on Lantau island overlooking the south China sea.


We also took a ferry over to Hong Kong itself and took the cablecar to look over the city. Hong Kong is as busy as ever!



  1. Not sure you should be so mean as to call them both creatures. They are both very close resemblances of their constructors! Tee hee

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