Posted by: paulgilders | October 28, 2012


After picking up our transit van from Bergamo airport, we headed south towards central Tuscany. We had intended to stop in Florence on the way down, but after getting lost and frustrated on the ring road, we ended heading further south to the less congested town of Siena. I visited Siena over 20 years ago and though it a wonderful place. The town is just the same, but the number of tourists has multiplied by 10!



We enjoyed Siena, but we were also glad to get out into the Tuscan countryside. We had found accommodation in a self-contained barn next a farmhouse. The farm makes peccorino and ricotta cheese and there is a magnificent view over the valley to the small town of Radicondoli.


The farm has about 6 working maremma dogs to look after the sheep.

Cycling in Tuscany isn’t easy. Even a couple of hours without luggage was hard work. Most towns are perched on hilltops – great views, but you have to work for them!



We now have only 2 more days in Tuscany before heading north again to prepare for our flight out of Zurich. Our original plan was to stop in Japan, Vietnam and New Zealand before heading home, however, we have simplified our plans to reduce the number of stops. As a result, we will be flying from Zurich to Hong Kong where we will only be stopping for 2 nights. After Hong Kong, we will fly straight to Auckland, NZ.


  1. Where has the time gone?? Back into this quarter of the world and suddenly on the other side of the road, definitely dodgy warmed up pizza but probably the best green lip mussels in the world! See you soon…..

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