Posted by: paulgilders | October 28, 2012

Italian Alps

Our first day in Como was a complete washout. We were ejected from our hostel at 10am and spent the day shuffling between cafés and shops to avoid getting too wet. Fortunately, the next day we woke to clear skies and decided to ride around the southern shore of lake Como.



We reached the glitzy and touristy Bellagio – avoiding the restaurants and having lunch on a bench in the smallest public lakeside sitting area in the town. The views to the north were stunning.


We continued around the lake reaching the very pleasant town of Lecco. Here we eventually found some cheap camping – after getting lost in town.

The following day we progressed along the edge of the Alps to the city of Bergamo. The road was very busy and the riding stressful – particularly navigating across town to the youth hostel. However, the high town in Bergamo is beautiful and a great place to spend a couple of days.


Ah pizza! Even the reheated version is wonderful!

Our experience with cycling northern Italy had not been ideal. Many of the roads (even the smaller ones) we found congested and dangerous. We were also realising that we only had a 2 weeks to cycle south to Tuscany and back. In short, it wouldn’t be fun. Additionally, we were finding most campsites were now closed for the season (15th October) and finding reasonable inexpensive accommodation at short notice was proving more challenging. We therefore decided to cheat – no we didn’t take EPO. Instead we hired another van to express us down to Tuscany, where we could rent an apartment for a week for less than youth hostelling.

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