Posted by: paulgilders | October 15, 2012

Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh

Despite my original intention to progress south from Scotland, we ended up progressing east and staying in Scotland for another week. Our intention was initially to progress to Glasgow. The two day cycle was pleasant albeit still with some hard climbs.

Here is a picture across to Arran from the Tarbert Ferry.

This is the view over Loch Riddon to the Isle of Bute.

After having great weather for a number of days, our luck ran out in Glasgow. We also all caught colds and were therefore very fortunate to be staying with friends Phil and Anna for a few days, giving us time to recover. Glasgow itself was much more pleasant than expected, even in the drizzle. Thanks very much to Phil and Anna for making us so welcome and spoiling us with great food! Here we are sad to leave Phil and Anna’s lovely apartment.

From Glasgow, we followed the canal to Stirling, where Gill’s mum was brought up. Stirling is also a pretty town with a great view from the castle.



Whilst we hadn’t originally intended to go to Edinburgh, it seemed ridiculous to miss out on this city for one more day of riding. I am very glad we stopped, since we all found Edinburgh to be a beautiful and thriving city.








  1. Your photos give a false impression of Scotland perhaps … how many days were you there and how many days did it rain , hail, or blow you off your bike?? Looks absolutely lovely in your pics. Maggie season here with swooping birds and luggage ties sticking out of helmets to fend off the swoopers. Any birds in the UK learnt that habit?

  2. Good old Flannigan eh? Great to see you making use of them, I’m sure they’d have been chuffed to have seen you.

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