Posted by: paulgilders | August 6, 2012

Wheel Problems

After our luxurious stay in Wells, we had to make up some lost kilometres in order to reach northern Cotswolds for a rendezvous with friends and family. We accomplished a healthy 75km before we heard a rubbing sound from the rear wheel of the tandem. I loosened the brakes, thinking that the wheel was slightly buckled, but the sound returned a few kilometres later. It was clear that the wheel was getting worse and a further inspection revealed that the rim had split and was bulging on both sides.


We decided that riding was no longer safe, so pushed the bike for about 3km to the next village.


It was getting late, so we went to the local pub to find out about accommodation. The locals took pity on us and lobbied the landlord to allow us to camp behind the pub. We were fortunate enough to end up between the trees in the cider orchard.


The following day, I cycled on Gill’s bike to the local town to hire a van. We filled up the van with the bikes and baggage and motored up to the Cotswolds.


Once at my sister’s, removal of the wheel showed the extent of the damage…


We will not be cycling on the tandem until we can obtain a replacement.

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