Posted by: paulgilders | August 6, 2012

South West England

Since returning from the Scilly Isles, we have been making our way north through the West Country. The weather has reverted to a more classical English summer – i.e plenty of cloudy and wet days. We have followed many parts of the national cycle network which are designed to link towns together. We have mixed feeling about these routes – they are very quiet and safe, but they do not completely suit our desire for more efficient long distance progress. Here is an interesting part of the cycle route, which caused us some difficulty with a fully loaded tandem.


Cycling through the backroads of Cornwall and Devon are not easy. We struggled up many small hills only to immediately lose the height gained. After a few days our lack of progress became frustrating so we eventually decided to take the main road out of Devon, avoiding both Dartmoor and Exmoor.

We have had many different campsites – some absolutely packed with tents and caravans and others almost empty. Here is our quiet camp at Roadford reservoir.



We entered the town of Wells in slight drizzle, but soon enough the rain increased to a downpour and we escaped to a café for coffee and cake.



As the café was closing, the rain subsided and we headed out of town towards the next campsite. Within 10 minutes the rain returned and we were quickly soaked through. We returned to the centre of town to look for accommodation, but all rooms were taken. We decided to head for a closer campsite, but were stopped by a couple who had seen our bedraggled souls. They kindly offered us a room in their house for the night, together with a delicious meal, use of their washing machine and incredible friendship. Thankyou very much Suzanne and Charles!

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