Posted by: paulgilders | April 30, 2012

Rain and snow

We have now been in Segovia for nearly a week. It’s a nice place, but we have been hemmed in by rain. We have had 3 days solid rain and the condensation build-up on the tent reached ridiculous proportions – it was almost as wet inside as out.





We moved to a cabin yesterday to get some of our clothes dry. It’s also incredibly cold. I had thought that Spain at the end of April would bring mild weather, but we have had overnight temperatures of 2-3 degrees C and top temperatures of 9 degrees C. We have been wearing all our clothes and still been cold – only jumping into our sleeping bags has truly kept us warm.


Poppy got a new friend in her shoe.


Finally when the clouds cleared, the mountains showed fresh snow.



  1. Oh I so wish I’d taken a picture of Fin’s new friend in his shoe. A Blue Tongue Lizard. Gees he leapt back when at first he thought he’d put his foot into a snake filled shoe! Any road blocks or empty shelves yet in Spain… what is this? The down swing in economy and de stabilization is following your cycle trails is it? NOT – pedal faster and you’ll be fine.

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