Posted by: paulgilders | April 1, 2012

The Chilean Lake District

We are currently slowly making our way north through the Chilean Lake District. We are now fortunate that the landscape is relatively flat, but the Andes and in particular the Osorno Volcano seem to be continually in view. The landscape has changed to mostly farming country.

We left Petrahue with some clouds at last. We dried our tents down on the beach of black gravel.



Our first stop was in Ensenada – a small town sitting on the south eastern shore of Lago Llanquihue. The surprise on this day was the transition of road surfaces from loose volcanic sand to pristine tarmac cycleways. These cycleways continued for about 15km (no not just to the local shops!)



I have received some comments about the lack of swimming shots in the lakes. Well here is one! We all dunked under in Ensenada and then ate empanadas and watched the sun go down and the moon come out.





To Puerto Octay

We then trekked across farmland to Puerto Octay with Osorno forever looking over us.



Entre Lagos

Finally, yesterday we rode past lake Rupanco and are currently lodging in a cabin in Entre Lagos overlooking the lake.



We have had incredible weather so far, but it looks like our luck is beginning to change. Today we cannot see the mountains and we have rain forecast for next week.

The plan is to continue north to Pucón over the next week or so before preparing to leave Chile on 16th April.

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