Posted by: paulgilders | December 26, 2011



This is just the start of a blog where I intend to publish excerpts of my family’s travels during 2012. I have decided to take a year out of work to travel by bicycle with my daughter Poppy and my wife Gill. Our intention is to get out of suburban life for a while and experience some different cultures and to enjoy the satisfaction of pedalling slowly through more rural areas of the world. Our rough itinerary is as follows:

  • A 3 month period in southern Chile and Argentina
  • A 6 month period in Europe:- progressing initially north through Portugal, Spain and France; a period in England catching up with friends and family; then on to Scotland and across to Norway and Scandinavia; and finally heading south through Europe again as the Autumn sets in. We are scheduled to fly out of Italy in October.
  • 3 weeks in Japan
  • 3 weeks in Vietnam
  • And whatever time we have left in New Zealand

We are scheduled to fly out of Brisbane on the 10th January to Santiago, Chile.

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